Indsmart founded in 2016, October, with the stategy of complementing the group where it belongs, after 25 years as distributor of electrical material and electrification of  electric panel, now add the valence of engineering integrated solutions.

Its position in the market, in addition to the turn-key solutions, including instalation, commissioning and technical assistance service 24/7, has been providing technical advice to many partners and producint multi-brand integration projects.

With a vast experience in many solutions, we need to be competitive with our proposals, having as goal the the competitiveness in the market.

Our mission is based on:

There four lines define the course to reach a prominent position in the market where we are.

We want to be a reference for everyone of this business (Clients, Suppliers, Partners, Friends and Competitors).

We want to adopt a proactive attitude, detecting the needs of customers, proposing them the most indicated solutions in technical and cost terms.

To achieve these purposes we integrate our Eletrical team with technical training and we seek continuous training to our teams aiming at better control of new available products and solutions.

In future terms, we want to consolidate our position by upholding these principles. They define a structured development strategy differentiated from the rest of the competition, with clear results.